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Our Vision

Our Vision

The vision of Community Alternatives to 911 is a city and region where local communities have the resources and strong, interpersonal relationships needed to respond constructively and healthfully to problems together.  We know that we cannot depend on the broken criminal justice system to solve our problems and that calling 911 often just makes the situation worse — if they respond at all.  CAT 911 is about building transformative justice that lets us take control of our lives and our communities into our own hands and nurtures each other’s growth and human possibility.

CAT-911 is building a Southern California-wide network of Community Action Teams (CAT) which can operate as resources for responding to community needs as alternatives to 911 in:

  • Peacebuilding around conflict resolution between individuals or groups in neighborhoods
  • Police violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Mental health crisis
  • Acute first aid needs when paramedics are not responding or there is a concern about police involvement

Our organized work is based on a framework of Transformative Justice, which aims to create a world governed on principles of mutual respect, interrelatedness and reciprocity rather than violence, domination and disposability.

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CAT-911.org created Community Forums so that we can work through issues that are relevant to our lives. Please fill out our forum application to join the community. Familiarize yourself with the rules and jump in! 

Find Your Local C.A.T.

Below are some of the Local Community Action Teams are currently organizing to develop alternatives to 911 based on geography, identity and other formations. Some of these groups are formally affiliated with CAT-911 and others are independently organizing.

People of Color